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Date: 21st May 2016
Class C Cover
Class C ?Cover Label Zipper entry panels along the side wall to access front and rear doors Hook and loop make the door more convenient Green reflective article easy to drive at night Elasticized front and ners for a snug fit Vents to insure breathability and prevent billowing Front and rear straps & buckles cinching system to remove slackDescription Choose our high quality class c cover to maintain and protect your RV.Hot selling size choiceDesignSizeItem No.3layer 110g non woven fabric4layer 160g non woven fabric?16-20' L20'Lx 105" W x 108"H518700518701?20-23' L23'Lx 105" W x 108"H518710518711?23-26' L26'Lx 105" W x 108"H518720518721?26-29' L29'Lx 105" W x 108"H518730518731?29-32' L32'Lx 105" W x 108"H518740518741?32-35' L35'Lx 105" W x 108"H518750518751?35-38' L38'Lx 105" W x 108"H518760518761? Website:
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